CABIS Business Applications

Our solutions are based on a growing number of extensive CABIS Business applications. Each application is developed using the powerful CABIS Application Framework together with predominantly Microsoft products and technologies. CABIS Business applications feature the use of the latest Microsoft SQL Server, XML and .NET technologies.

The core CABIS Business applications are:

Download information sheetCABISProjectCRM, a project-based opportunity management system with fundamental CRM functionality. This product is ideally suited to organizations that tender for projects and is specifically relevant to the construction sector.

Download information sheetCABISPerformance, an organisational performance management system dealing with development and implementation of organisational plans, values, goals, key performance targets and associated action management. Performance is achieved with people and the system incorporates a skills-based people management component for managing the necessary skills to achieve a business performance plan.

Download information sheetCABISTQM, a quality management system capable of supporting all quality and related standards including ISO, ISM Code, ISPS Code and many others. It features standards, policies, processes and controlled documents. In addition there is a concerns and improvements module to aid continuous improvement management and a safety module. The safety module is particularly relevant to safety critical operations such as those in the oil & gas and maritime sectors.