Senior management wins 2011 EMS Safety Foundation Industry Partner Award

The EMS Safety Foundation has awarded the 2011 EMS Safety Foundation Industry Partner Award to Simon Ralphs and Adrian Dore of Telematicus, London, UK for its innovation in bringing cloud based technology to the EMS a prehospital environment. The technology behind the new CPR/AED app 'iRescU' is based on the CABIS business application framework. 

The EMS Safety Foundation, is a not-for-profit 'Think Tank' consortium and institute, its mission is to promote and enhance EMS Safety Innovation, Collaboration, Research, Knowledge Transfer, Education and Safety information dissemination.

The EMS Safety Foundation has played a key role in the establishment of a broad base of knowledge translation in the field of EMS Safety. This includes: establishing the EMS Safety Foundation's Innovation Consortium and faciliatating the development and activities of EMS Safety Subcommittee of the National Academies Transportation Research Board, and its 2008 and 2009 TRB Safety EMS Summits and the forthcoming February 2012 TRB Summit, aswell as encouraging sharing of best practice from international resources. The EMS Safety Foundation has also provided a platform for a spectrum of innovative design, from a new fleet of state of the art ambulance vehicles to a new CPR/AED App 'iRescU'.